A member of the European Parliament since 2014, I sit in the INTA Committee (International Trade) and I am Vice Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula.

Before the election at the EP, between 2008 and 2014, I was a member of the Italian Parliament, a member of the Standing committee on Public and Private Sector Employment first and later of the Standing committee on European Union Policies.


I hold a Ph.D. In Political Sciences (University of Florence, Italy), but previously I undergone studies in philosophy at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Milan where I graduated. Then I completed the Master in Diplomacy program at ISPI (Milan) and the Diploma in International Relations at SAIS Johns Hopkins in Bologna.

I have become a researcher with AREL (Agenzia di Ricerca e Legislazione) in 2004. From then on I have had the chance to extend my studies on topics such as international relations, welfare and employment, technological and digital innovation.

But among the other, since the early years of my studies and political activism, I have developed a special interest for gender equality matters and policies, working at a national, European and international level.

Working in the Institutions

Today my activity at the European Parliament focuses particularly on the international trade. As a member of the INTA committee, I am in charge of the agreement on green goods, and among the others, I am responsible of the commercial agreement with Vietnam and the commercial relations with China , for the Group of the Socialist&Democrats.

When I was a member of the Italian parliament, I worked on employment issues, opportunities for the young generations, and on gender equality matters. In this field, specifically, I had the chance to see a bill I signed turned into the n. 120/2011 Italian law, better known as the “Golfo-Mosca” law. This norm introduces gender quotas in the boards of companies listed in the Milan stock exchange. In the Italian Parliament I was also among the sponsors of the so called “Controesodo” law (n. 238/2010), that focused on helping talents, that had been living abroad, to go back to study or work in Italy.

International experiences

I have been always interested in foreign policies and foreign relations. An interest that brought me to be selected, in 2001 while still an undergraduate student, as vice-president of YEPP (Youth of the European People's Party). In 2009 I was then chosen to be a Young Global Leader (World Economic Forum), and in 2010 I was nominated Rising Talent (Women's Forum for the Economy and Society).

In 2013 I was awarded with the World of Difference Award (The International Alliance for Women) for my works advocating women participation and gender equality.

In 2015, I was chosen and took part in The International Visitor Leadership Program (U.D. Department of State).

Writings and publications

I have wrote many articles and research papers that focus especially on politics, international relations and gender equality matters.

My latest book was published in 2014, titled “L'Unione in pratica. Un'Europa a misura d'Italia” (e-book RCS), sharing insights and thoughts on Europe's possible course and its importance for the Italia future role in it. In 2011 I wrote the book “Senza una donna. Dialogo su potere, diritti e familia nel paese più maschilista d'Europa” (Add Editore) with the journalist and former MP, Flavia Perina, a dialogue on gender equality, opportunities and difficulties for women living in contemporary Italy.

Previously I curated the volume “Europa senza prospettive? Come superare la crisi con il bilancio Ue 2007-2013” (Il Mulino, 2006) on Europe's economic and financial perspective for those years.

In 2007 I opened my blog www.alessiamosca.it that I have been updating since.